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The purpose of this club is to gather the cyclist community at UOW and give them support and encouragement to ride their bikes as a means of transportation. As it is known, the Wollongong Council has presented a plan called Cycling Strategy 2030 to make the city a place to ride. UOW, more precisely the UOW Environment Advisory Committee, has also worked on encouraging students to ride their bikes as their means to commute to Uni. These ideas are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (Goals 11 and 13). Serious decarbonisation is necessary as CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have raised new records in 2019. The use of bikes can help to improve traffic around Wollongong and contribute to less carbon emission. However, recent cases of minor and serious accidents related to cyclists might cause aversion to bikes as a means of transportation. The idea of this club is to gather cyclists and offer help to students in different ways. An example is a possible partnership with Bicycle NSW. The organisation has shown interest in working with UOW students by offering them support based on the reality students cyclists might have: insurance, legal assistance, safe routes, etc.

Executive Details: Juliana Peloche, Luciano Moraes, and Carolina Badillo.

Contact Email: jcgp366@uowmail.edu.au


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