International Christian Group (ICG)

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Welcome to the International Christian Group!

  • Welcome each international student who comes to study at UOW with care and support so that they feel at home.
  • Guide international students in their new life in Australia through hospitality.
  • Help them become confident with English through the Improve Your English Skills (IYES) classes each week.
  • Build friendships between Australian and international students through events like the weekly Fun Food Friday, bush walks, soccer games, Cultural Fun Food-Fellowship Nights and more.
  • Share the love of Jesus with international students in ways that stimulate them to think.
  • Immerse international students in a Christian community where they are encouraged to participate in Christian worship.
  • Explain the Bible to non-English speakers in a clear manner to enable them to consider Jesus and allowing them to decide for themselves whether they wish to follow him.
  • Prepare international students to take an active role in leading churches and sharing the gospel when they return to their home countries.


Executive Details: Ema John, Manobi Ghose, Robyn Gillespie, James Hall, Glenn Blackley, Timothy John, Buyung Kosasih, and Alex Ngo. 

Contact Email: vc984@uowmail.edu.au


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