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Here you will find all information relevant to your faculty club including key dates and deadlines and faculty club procedures.

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Faculty Clubs SAF Funding Proposal Due Dates 2019

Below you will find the due dates for funding proposals (when applying for $300 or more in SAF funding), for each funding meeting round for 2019. If your club would like to apply for less than $300 worth of SAF funding then your club can complete an online funding application from 14th January. 

Funding Meeting Round#1 - Thursday 28th February (O-week, autumn session)

Funding Meeting Round #2 - Wednesday 17th April (week 7, autumn session)

Funding Meeting Round #3 - Thursday 25th July (O-week. spring session)

Funding Meeting Round #4 - Thursday 5th September (week 6, spring session)

Note: an online funding application is also required to be completed in addition to the funding proposal template (see template below), at least one week prior to an event. 

SAF Funding 2019 Receipts 

SAF funding is processed at the end of each month. Receipts/invoices need to be received by 20th of every month to be processed that month; unless otherwise informed. If receipts/invoices are received after then they will be processed at the end of the next month.

Funding will close at the end of each session, so take note of the following due dates:

Due date for receipts for Session 1 SAF funded events/projects is Friday 19th July

Due date for receipts for Session 2 SAF funded events/projects is Monday 2nd December







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Faculty Clubs and Societies Handbook 2019
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Funding Proposal Template 2019
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Faculty Clubs Frequently Asked Questions
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