Chinese Academic Business Learning & Education (CABLE)

Welcome to Chinese Academic Business Learning & Education (CABLE)

High-achieving students can become a CABLE student leader by applying to the program (cableuow@hotmail.com) and successfully passing the interview process. CABLE leaders are responsible for the preparation and delivery of Chinese and English peer-led study sessions and participate in a broad range of social and sports activities involving both international and domestic UOW students. CABLE leaders will develop leadership, communication and team working skills by working with a group of high achievers and strive for academic excellence.
All CABLE leaders who contribute to annual study, sports and social events will receive a uniform and will be invited to an end of year gala dinner to be presented with a certificate of appreciation signed by the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law.

Expressions of interest can be emailed to cableuow@hotmail.com, attaching a brief CV and current UOW enrolment record.

The leader must be an academic high achiever and must not conduct any misconduct as per university procedure.

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