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Contact Email: iolo@kineticmartialarts.com.au

The UOW Hapkido Club is a dedicated martial arts club that offers the opportunity to receive exceptional training in the martial art of Hapkido.  Our club encourages a culture of self-development, and respect for both yourself and others.

Hapkido is known as the art, or way, of coordinated power.  It is a modern Korean martial art based on the principles of non-resistance, circular motion, and fluidity of movement.  It is characterised by both powerful kicks and strikes, as well as dynamic throws, takedowns, locks, chokes, and pressure points.  People train for fun, fitness, and self defence, and classes include strength and fitness work, as well as technical self defence training.  The practice of Hapkido as a martial art develops a strong mind as well as a powerful body.


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