End of Year Reports 2019

Each year, your club needs to present their End of Year Reports and then after that, the reports need to be submitted to UniClubs through the below form by Monday 30th of September

The contents for each report should be:

Presidents Report 

This report requires the President to give:

  • an overview of the clubs performance over the past 12 months
  • an explanation highlighting the positive aspects (what worked well)
  • individual or group achievements on behalf of the club
  • Areas where the club can improve (what didn't work)
  • other overall matters that are relevant to the club

The report should also mention the direction you would like to see the club take over the next year and advice you have for the incoming Executives

Treasurers Report

The things that need to be submitted in the below form are: 

  • A Balance Spreadsheet for the last 12 months with ALL incomings and outgoing amounts. 
  • A confirmation of any profit or loss the club has had over the last 12 months
  • The major purchases or sources of income the club has had over the last 12 months 
  • A copy of the latest bank statement (this can either be picked up from the bank or you can check your club mailbox at the UniLife office)

Secretarys Report

A report needs to be submitted with following information:

  • How may members the club currently has
  • The increase or decrease in membership over the last 12 months and suggestions as to why either of these have happened 
  • Recruitment techniques the club used and what did and didn't work
  • A copy of the AGM Minutes
  • The details for ALL of the elected new Executives 

Vice Presidents Report (Optional)

This report is optional but a Vice Presidents report should concentrate on giving the details of the main events the club had in terms of attendance, sustainability of the events looking towards next year, how the events could have been organised better etc 

These reports are compulsory and the club cannot move forward and re-affiliate for 2018 or be a part of large events like O Week, Clubs Day etc unless the reports are submitted through the below form by Monday 30th of September

If you have any questions in regards to the 2019 End of Year Reports, please do not hesitate to contact UniClubs at pulse-uniclubs@uow.edu.au