Changing a club signatory

How to change a club signatory

Club executives can be removed or added as a club bank account beneficial owner or signatory for a variety of reasons. The benefical owner of the bank account keeps the banking card and has access to the bank account and the signatory has access to the bank account to ensure the benefical owner is spending the club funding for the club purpose.

1. The template below is a change of signatory request form. Please make sure to fill in the details exactly how they appear on your official documents. This means name in full as you will need to show official documents such as a passport, drivers license, bank card, or Medicare card etc to prove your identity. A full list of offical documents can be found here.

2. Ensure the club's most recent minutes (AGM/IGM/EGM) also have full details for the entire executive as the bank requires this as well. Full details include full name, UOW email, contact phone, DOB and address. 

3. Email these documents to and make sure to clarify (if required) who is coming off the account, who will be the sole club card holder (beneficial owner) and who will be a signatory. Also, request an appointment on a Monday or Thursday between the hours of 9.30am-2.30pm. 

Note: Your club must make an appointment through UniClubs to make any changes at least 10 days before requested appointment and this will depend on NAB availability.