2018 O-Week Application Form

O-Week will take place in 2018 from the 20th to the 22nd of Febuary. UOW will be lit up with an assortment of entertainment, activities, freebies and, of course, the best clubs UOW has to offer! 

In your application, state how much funding you require and what it is for. Your club can apply for O-Week funding ($200 max) and can also apply separately for promotional funding ($200 per semester). If you have an idea that requires additional funding, pitch it to UniClubs. The more engaging and participatory the activities are, the more likely we are to approve your application.

As we have limited space, please state which day(s) you prefer to hold your stall (faculty clubs will be allocated a day automatically). The orientation days for each faculty are:

Tuesday 20th February- Law, Humanities & the Arts 
Wednesday 21st February- Engineering & Information Sciences / Social Sciences
Thursday 22nd February- Business / Science, Medicine & Health

Please note that your club must have re-affiliated before we approve your application.

Once your stall has been approved, you will need to make a funding application in January 2018 (exact day will be emailed to club execs four weeks prior to applications opening).

Don't hesitate to contact us or see us at Building 11 if you have any questions.

Club Name

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How much does it require?

Please describe what the funding will be used for.

Does your club require a powered site and if so, what for?