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The UOW Pro Choice Club is a club established for like-minded students who support women everywhere to have the right to choose to have an abortion, a health-care procedure, as defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Women that choose to end unintended pregnancies with abortions should not be vilified, stigmatised or ostracised and yet, still today it continues to happen. We are a club that aims to be seen, heard and show our support across UOW and be a safe space for all.
Currently 45% of all abortions worldwide are unsafe, in Australia, we are privileged with access to the appropriate facilities for these safe procedures. Access to health care facilities that are able to provide the appropriate support for women choosing to abort and not be forced to face unsafe medical procedures unnecessarily.Pro Choice simply stands with these women in their choice and protects that right for Australian women, and women in Australia to maintain that right to access.
Pro Choice is an inclusive club, we are allies for the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A+ community and stand proud in our continued support for all of you amazing people!!!
Executive Details: Chantelle Meijer, Jashanpreet Singh, Tamsyn Kelly, Hannah Mavrofridis, Chloe Smith, and Glezelle Medrano 

Contact: uowprochoice@gmail.com


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