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VGA hosts sixth annual 24hr Gamefest LAN

VGA hosts sixth annual 24hr Gamefest LAN


gamesfest 2018

Mix hundred of games, boxes of pizza, 24 hours and 220 individuals and what do you get? VGA's annual 24 hour 'Gamefest' LAN of course!

The sixth annual event, hosted by UOW's Video Game Association, was bigger and better than ever with regulars, old club mates and a lot of new faces at the event.

UOW Cosplay entertained participants with a competition, providing fantastic entertainment and amazing prizes.

The event was a great way for members to entertain themselves, meet and hang out with other gamers and of course, learn some new skills!

Congrats for hosting such a great event! 

Get in touch with VGA or Cosplay's Facebook pages to learn more!