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UOW's first Harry Potter Escape Rooms

UOW's first Harry Potter Escape Rooms



It has been tradition for the Harry Potter Society to host a Room of Requirement to help students destress before their exams. However, this year they thought they’d shake it up a bit.

Inspired by the new Escape Room fad, the UOW Harry Potter Society decided to host their own. Students of Hogwarts were invited down to the ‘dungeon’ where they were tasked with finding the ingredients for a Calming Draught before brewing the potion themselves. The students, in teams of four, followed Harry Potter inspired riddles and searched the Potion Masters room for the necessary ingredients. They then headed to the brewing station to combine them and successfully brew the potion before Filtch, the evil caretaker, returned and busted them.

The UOWHPS and community members had a blast, describing the event as “feeling just like an actual [Hogwarts] class”. Over the two days the event was held, all 15 available sessions were booked. With the event being such a success, the society is already in the midst of planning the next one!