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Uniclubs & Sports Awards 2019 Finalists Announced

Uniclubs & Sports Awards 2019 Finalists Announced



We are very excited to announce the finalists for the UniClubs, Volunteering & Sports Awards 2019!

Due to the high calibre of applications this year our selection board had a very tough decision determining the finalist.

The finalists for the UniClubs & Sports Awards are:

Club of the Year

  • Physics Society
  • Harry Potter Society
  • Debating Society (SWORDS)
  • Cosplay Society
  • MAWU
  • Indian Students Association
  • Video Games Association
  • B-Med Society
  • Outdoor Club

NEW Club of the Year

  • Supply Chain Management Society
  • Wollongong Exercise Science Society
  • Nutrition & Dietetics Society
  • B-Med

Campus Engagement Award

  • Illawarra Public Health Society
  • Physics Society
  • MAWU
  • Motorsport
  • Nutrition & Dietetics Association
  • History Society

Cultural Engagement Award

  • MAWU
  • Malaysian Students Association
  • Indian Students Association

Event of the Year

  • Public Health Careers and Networking Night (Illawarra Public Health Society)
  • Bike N’ Blend (Illawarra Public Health Society)
  • Annual Perisher/Thredbo Weekend Trip (Snowsports)
  • Diagon Alley Markets (Harry Potter Society)
  • Ramadan Feast and EID in the Gong (MAWU)
  • Expand Gong 4 (Video Games Association)
  • Holi 2019 (Indian Students Association)
  • EIS Ball (Mechanical Engineering)

Student Development Award

  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Digital Media Society
  • Rotaract
  • Nutrition & Dietetics
  • B-Med

Club Person of the Year

  • Vivian Tang (HRMSoc)
  • Madeline Carr (Physics Society)
  • Matthew Hammond (Harry Potter Society)
  • Jack Reid (Debating Society)
  • Eileesha (Debating Society)
  • Callum Harvey (Digital Media Society)
  • Yiyang Val Sun (CABLE)
  • Abdulaziz Alghazi (MAWU)
  • Carise Ong (Northfields Pentecostal)
  • Emily Monro (Nutrition & Dietetics Association)
  • Cameron Smith (History Society)
  • Louise Allison (Cosplay Society)
  • Olivia Poate (Law Students Society)
  • Derick D'Souza (Indian Student Association)
  • Tim Windsor (UOW Hockey Club)
  • Gemma Crighton (UOW Football Club)

Sports Club of the Year

  • UOW Hockey Club
  • UOW Bulldogs
  • UOW Football Club

We cannot wait to recognise the achievements of all our Clubs & Societies at the Awards Night on Thursday 17th October being held at Innovation Campus!

Tickets are only $50 and available for purchase here (ticket sales will close 9am Monday 14th October).