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The Reveal of UOW Motorsport's "Stacie"

The Reveal of UOW Motorsport's "Stacie"



UOW Motorsport held their biggest night of the year on Friday ‘The Reveal’ to reveal and showcase their formula-style race car, Stacie! This is a momentous event for the team who have worked throughout the year to design and build Stacie.


Stacie was designed and created by UOW students involved in UOW Motorsport for the FSAE competition this month. This is an annual, international competition where teams design and create their own race car, and compete against other teams in areas such as design, acceleration and lap sprints. Within the 12 months of preparation, teams gain experience in teamwork, budgeting, engineering skills and the design and production process of a real race car.


We wish UOW Motorsport and Stacie the best of luck in the FSAE competition in Winton this month!