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SWORDS Flying High at Australs 2019

SWORDS Flying High at Australs 2019



While Australia was chilling in the midst of winter, SWORDS (UOW Debating Society) was flying high in Bali, at Australs 2019!

In classic SWORDS style, the entire contingent, small as it was, put up an incredible fight-UOW1 narrowly missed out on making the final rounds, in a cracker debate that even the other team thought they won (for President Dimi, this was the second year this had happened in round 8 of the competition), and UOW2 forged ahead, having 5 out of 8 decision being split (where the 3 judges of the debate are not unanimous in a decision), indicating just how close their debates were! Amazing work! Also shout-out to Jack, for being UOW's top ranked speaker this year-nice work, can't wait to see you kill it at World's in Thailand!

But debating has 2 parts, and the other is judging, where UOW has been making waves for a few years now. While recently-returned-from-a-year-in-Europe Joise made her debut SWORDS appearance since Malaya Australs in 2018, Eileesha was the jewel in the UOW crown this year-not content to just break as a debater last year, she came back as a power judge, breaking all the way to the GRAND FINAL! This marks the second year in a row SWORDS has appeared in a Grand Final, and the first time in an Open Grand Final! How amazing... and a good taster of what she'll be serving up at Wom*n's 2019, where she's one of the Deputy Chief Adjudicators (aka Topic Masters).

Next year SWORDS will be heading into the cold, with Easters and Australs coming back to the cooler parts of the region, hosted at ANU and Monash respectively... which means the new SWORDS merch should be a smash hit!