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‘Spring Greening’ with Enviro Collective

‘Spring Greening’ with Enviro Collective



Wattle is blossoming, hay fever is making a mess of you and North Gong Beach is heating up. Spring has officially arrived! You’ve probably started spring cleaning but have you begun spring greening?!

‘Spring Greening’ is an initiative run by UOW society Enviro Collective to swap clothes and raise awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability.

Clothes-swap bins were placed across campus last week for students to clean out their closets and exchange clothes with other students.

Leftover clothes were sorted through by Young Clothes for Homelessness and others were given to a pop-up stall raising funds for suicide prevention.

Grill Master Emery Hosken pumped out some tasty lentil burgers and UOW Music Society provided some live music to celebrate the first day of spring.

AYCC, Fossil free UOW, Human Geography Society, Young Greens, Conservation volunteers, Wilderness Society and Surfrider Foundation also helped out on the day.

UOW Enviro Collective meets every Wednesday at 12:30 pm on the Duckpond Lawn. If you would like to get involved, check out their Facebook page or website.