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Philosophy Forum goes to NZ for AAP Conference

Philosophy Forum goes to NZ for AAP Conference


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The UOW Philosophy Forum attended the Australasian Association of Philosophy conference at Wellington, New Zealand last month.

Five students from the Forum headed over to the five-day conference to listen to key-note speakers and network with other enthusiastic philosophy students and professional academics. 

According to executives, the event was a fantastic experience. Highlights include attending the Alan Saunders lecture which was recorded live and aired to ABC Radio and the inclusion of undergrad students by AAP to ensure undergratuate students did not feel out of their depth.

Executives said the trip was a great way to connect with other UOW philosophy students and other philosophers like Serene Khader.

Next year, the annual conferernce will return to the University of Wollongong! For more information about the conference, take a look at the AAP website.

Congratulations Philosophy Forum on being a part of a wonderful union of philosophers and students! To get in touch with the Forum, you can contact them via their Facebook page.