Outdoor Club



UOW Outdoor Club aims to provide a fun experience for anyone who enjoys participating in outdoor activities.

The club is designed to suit people who love adrenaline-fuelled adventures as well as those who wish to experience the local environment at a more relaxed pace. 

The club provides the opportunity to partake in small local events as well as larger trips that take place over multiple days. 

Activities include hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, camping, exploring waterfalls, geocaching and a number of collaborative activities.

Day trips they have held this year include the Wattamolla day trip, Karloo Pools day hike, Twilight Sublime walk, Bong Bong Pass walk, Clover Hill Waterfalls walk and the Heathcote to Waterfall hike. The club has also hosted a Kangaroo Valley Camping trip and a Newnes Campground Camping Stargazing Extravaganza. They have also hosted movie nights and held a number of socials.

For more information about the club, check out their Facebook page or Instagram account.