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Materials Engineering club learn more about industry in Melbourne

Materials Engineering club learn more about industry in Melbourne


industrial trip

The Materials Engineering and Technology Society (MetSoc) went to Melbourne last month for their annual Industrial Trip.

A dozen students from all year levels in their degree went to a number of sites to broaden their knowledge of the materials engineering industry in Australia and network with industry professionals.

Students were able to see multiple stages of the materials industry including the research and devlopment of new methods at Monash and the processing of raw materials at AMCOR, Viridan Glass and Arc Laverton. Casting and forming processes were observed at Keech Casting and Hoffman Engineering and failure analysis and metallograph techniques at LMATS.

According to club executives, some highlights from the trip included seeing an arc furnace and metallic 3D printers, witnessing Australia's most stable building and observing a glass-making process at Viridian Glass.

Congratulations MetSoc for hosting such a fantastic trip and we look forward to hearing about next year's trip!

To get in touch with MetSoc, send a message to their Facebook group.