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March-ing into the Year with C&S

March-ing into the Year with C&S


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Clubs and Societies kicked off this year with an array of events across campus and around the South Coast! UOW clubs hosted events like EGMs, dance classes, sporting events, religious meetings and plenty of social BBQs just to name a few.

To begin with, Outdoor Club kept high spirits afloat with their first-ever float party in Kangaroo Valley. Our Mechatronics Society gave students something to look forward to with their annual “TronSoc Line Follower” workshops and competition where they built bots to win awesome prizes. On the other side of campus, The Dramatic Society held a day of acting workshops where students could discover key skills necessary for the acting industry, conducted by the famous Robert Kahn. Another great opportunity arose through The Sexual Awareness Group who organised a platform for students to practice their clinical skills in the OSCE crash course. In the sporting arena, the bi-annual “Wollongong Open” was hosted by the Tennis Club this month and allowed students a chance to try for a spot in the inter-uni competition. And finally towards the end of the month, the Video Game Association welcomed an army of fighters who participated in a weekend of comradery and bants with their three-day event “Expand Gong 2.”

Thanks to all our clubs and societies for putting on so many great events. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in April!