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Humans vs Zombies - UOW Rotaract

Humans vs Zombies - UOW Rotaract



Humans vs. Zombies is at heart a giant game of tag. Our game also mixes in orienteering and a storyline. All players begin as humans and there will be several “Original Zombies.”

The Original Zombies tag human players and turn them into zombies. The original zombies will spread the disease and bring about the zombie apocalypse. It is the aim of all human players to complete their objectives and return to the safe zone, where scientists are busy working on a cure. All zombies are trying to spread the virus and doom humanity.

Join the UOW Rotaract Club for their annual Human vs Zombies fundraiser to end polio. The campus will come alive and be a hive of activity on Saturday March 11.

Sign up today to help raise funds to End Polio Now!

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