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History Society solving mysteries at Wollongong Breakout Bar

History Society solving mysteries at Wollongong Breakout Bar



History Society members were scratching their heads last night as they searched for clues, retraced journeys and unlocked mysteries at Wollongong's Escape Room.

Participation doubled since last semester's Breakout Rooms challenge with four groups participating this semester.

One group attempted Da Vinci's Notebook (an arithmetical challenge even for Engineering and Mathematics students!) while the members with nerves of steel tried to solve the murder mystery in The Asylum. The Medieval room took explorers back to the days of King Arthur to help retrieve the Excalibur while members went even further back in time in The Tomb, to solve riddles of the ancient Egyptians.

Participants of the event said it was a great way to meet people, challenge the mind and have fun!

For more information about the History Society and for lots of history-themed memes, you can contact them on their Facebook page.