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Has your club held its AGM yet?

Has your club held its AGM yet?


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Club AGMs have been happening all over campus at UOW these past few weeks! Thanks to those who have already held your AGM. For all other clubs, don't forget to hold your AGM and hand in all reports by the 23rd of September. 

In order to hold your AGM, you must complete the AGM notification form and notify club members the details of your AGM one week beforehand (Facebook is a good platform for this). Your AGM must be held on campus so please email CSE at if you need to book a room.

To run a successful AGM, the best thing to do is to devise an Agenda beforehand and distribute it to your members once they arrive. Remember to take Minutes and note the names of ALL attendees throughout the meeting.

Club Execs must present the President's Report, Treasurer's Report and Secretary's Report at the AGM before submitting them to CSE by the 23rd of September. For templates and more information on the content of these reports, please see the Clubs and Societies' Resources page.  

If you have any questions regarding the AGM, please do not hesitate to contact Pete at CSE at