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Duckstock: The Music Society Festival

Duckstock: The Music Society Festival


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On the Monday the 25th the UOW Music Society took over Unibar to deliver their first ever music festival: Duckstock!

The day saw almost fifty musicians take to the stage, with a huge team of volunteers helping to organise, set up, and keep the event going. With record breaking ticket sales for the Music Society this was definitely a hugely successful event.

First up on the day was folk punk sad boi Sal Viejo, who kicked things off in fashion with some choice tunes. Following this were the half pop punk band, half freak show group, The Disappointments. Entertaining as always the boys shined on stage, from huge amounts of sweat. Finishing up the afternoon shift were the poppy, relaxed tunes of Dolphin Dog. Dolphin Dog managed to get the crowd swaying and shaking with some simply sublime musical talent.

As the sun set on Unibar, The Bearded Cat opened the second stage. Even though the bar had closed to the general public by this point the crowd only continued to grow. The boys in Creatures at Leisure pulled off the first of the nights instant swaps, with their first chord ringing out just as The Bearded Cat’s trailed off. The party kept going right into the night, as the always energetic Ruby Tuesdays blasted onto the stage. The antics on stage were matched with musical prowess that stunned those not lost in the groove.

Back on the main stage the good times kept flowing with recent graduates Cry Club delivering one of the most jaw dropping performances of the night. Lead vocalist Heather moved about the stage with grace and energy, their expressive performance only equalled by guitarist Jono’s  skilled approach. Butting in to bring even more fun to the night were the musically diverse and intriguing Dande and the Lion. Scorching through some red hot tunes Dande left nothing in the tank, and the room loved them for it. Finally, closing up the lighter section of the night, was Jack Tickner. Joined on stage by a group of superbly talented musicians Jack took the audience on a musical journey, pulling out curious re-fretted guitars to give the Music Society a taste of microtonality. 

Starting up the metal section of the night was the thick intensity of Pestilent Doom. Chugging through some face melting metal, Doom showed the full range of the Music Society’s diverse selection of music. Closing up the main stage were Music Society hall of famers, Harbour. Having played their first show for the music society almost two years beforehand, they were the perfect way to close the main stage, and drew the entire crowd in onto the floor for an amazing live set. Finally, Oberon finished off the music for the night with some full, orchestral backed death metal. 

The night was nothing but high moments, with performances and experiences that could only be described as perfect. The UOW Music Society’s first festival experience was a huge success, not only for the Society and it’s volunteers, but for the bands and attendees as well.

The Music Society would like to thank SAF for funding the event, Nathan and the Unibar team for hosting, and to Nicola and Uniclubs for their help in organising.

 The Music Society Team.