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Clubs Trivia Night 2017

Clubs Trivia Night 2017



The competition was hot, and the beers were cold at the UOW clubs and societies annual Trivia Night on Thursday, 7th September!

Old and new rivalries were born, friendships were put on hold, and not a phione was in sight. There was a paper aeroplane battles, contests to see who has more likes on facebook, and questions that made you really wonder "How on earth do I know that?"

First prize was taken out by the History Society, in the smallest of margins, with the Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs society coming in second place. Third place was awarded to the Harry Potter Society, which won a duel of Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Best Dressed went to Women in STEM, who donned some elegant space suits!

Thanks to everyone who participated, to our UniBar hosts, and UniCrew for fuelling the rivalry.