2017 UOW Barista Competition and Latte Art Smackdown








Entries are NOW OPEN!

Are you are part time/ full time talented Barista? Or do you just want to see how your skills go against other UOW students/staff? 

Well here is your chance! This is the third year we have run the UOW Barista Competition and Latte Art Smackdown and we are hoping that it will be our biggest event yet. 

You will be competing on the UniBar stage in front of the lunch time audience and there will be some awesome prizes up for grabs. 

Prizes to be announced, but you can bet your Pullman tamp they will be good. 


Latte Art Smackdown Tuesday 8th August

How will this work? This will be head to head battles of randomly selected latte art and various vessels will be used. Rosetta, Swan, Heart and Freestyle.    


Barista Competition Wednesday 9th August 

How will this work?This year you will only verse yourself!!! you will get one chance to impress the judge and they will grade you on the one performance and then compare to other competitors. This is a competition where we encourage you to bring along your favourite coffee, if not that is ok too as we will have a wonderful supply of Zest coffee. 

Entries close: 31st July 2017

So what are you waiting for ENTER NOW!

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