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Date(s) - 13/05/2021
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

UOW UniBar

University of Wollongong


Science and Schooners is back! A BioNet speciality, we bring you locals of UOW and Wollongong involved in a range of studies to present and talk abut their time in the field or lab, their work and much more! Whether you’re keen on macro or micro biology, ecology or environmental science there is something for anyone and everyone. This Science and Schooners will have presenting,

Catheline Froehlich; A behavioural ecologist of coral reefs and a councillor of the Australian Coral Reef Society
Associate Professor Owen Price; A senior research fellow of bushfire smoke and researcher of bushfire risk for humans, assets and flora/fauna
Dr Natalie Rosser; A marine biologist involved in the bi annual coral spawning of the Indo-Pacific and the occurrence of speciation and biodiversity.

This particular instalment of Science and Schooners will focus in particular on human impacts of their study area, both positive and negative, as well as new frontiers and endeavours for their study and research.

Join us for a schooner, some science and hear from some legends in the field.