WUMSS Inspiration Evening

Date:1st Mar 2019

Time:6:00pm - 11:30pm

Price: Free

Location:Wollongong Golf Club, 151-161 Corrimal St, Wollongong , NSW

WUMSS Inspiration Evening is an annual dinner and guest speaker event in which medical professionals are invited to give a presentation to medical students and GM staff. We believe that it is important for us as future medical professionals to be exposed to all areas of medicine and allow us to see the wide range of opportunities and experiences that the field of medicine can encompass. The night itself will consist of 3 guest speakers speaking for approximately 20-30 minutes to an audience of 100-140 medical students, medical professionals, university lecturers and teachers. The format of the evening will include a formal sit-down dinner in between presentations, with a chance for students to interact with guests and staff, thus also providing a valuable networking experience

Location Map