Careers Night in the Graduate Medicine Lecture Theatre

Date:15th Feb 2019

Time:5:00pm - 10:00pm

Price: Free

Location:Graduate Medicine, Building 28, University of Wollongong , Wollongong , NSW

Careers Night is a new event in 2019 for WUMSS. The aim of the event in to allow students to hear from and network with doctors who were UOW medical students and are only a couple of years in front of current medical students. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear about the highs and lows of working as a doctor after medical school and the possible pathways from people who were students not too long ago themselves. This event is targeted at all UOW medical students and will have a Q&A component and some networking at the end. We believe this developmental event will inspire and enlighten students. Due to the timing of the event and to make it more comfortable we are planning to offer a spread of food for attendees which caters for all dietary requirements.

This event is important to all years of medical students to give some perspective of what to expect after medical school from doctors who were recently in our shoes.

Location Map