Cultural Transition Workshop for International Students

Moving between cultures can be a rollercoaster of emotions, this is an interactive workshop that gives you a chance to learn some useful strategies to help you succeed in and enjoy the cultural transition.

The workshop has the following advantages:

1.       An interactive workshop, presented by support and professional staff,  for new UOW international students which outlines some of the common experiences of cultural shock and also provides strategies on how to cope

2.       An initial opportunity for international students to meet and engage with each other

3.       A platform for students to connect via their shared experience of coming to UOW to study in a new culture and learning environment

4.       An opportunity for students to listen to some stories from current international students about their own personal experience of adjusting to life in Australia

5.       An opportunity to hear from, meet with and talk to professional support staff. Additional information will also be available in the form of handouts and brochures.

For the comming semester, the workshop is scheduled as follows:


  • Time: Monday 22nd July- 1:30pm
  • Venue: 35.G45 – Next to Picasso Cafe
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