• UOW SWS gaming session

    UOW SWS gaming session

Welcome to UOW's SWS Campus Gamers' Club

This club is open to UOW SWS Campus students, UOW main campus students, and the general public.

We host gaming nights on a regular bi-weekly basis. Activities for such nights include:


  • PC games - LAN Parties hosted locally 
  • Board Games - A vast assortment of card and board games ranging from Cards Against Humanity to Warhammer 40k
  • Console Games - Currently Xbox 360 with a vast assortment of games such as the titular Call of Duty series
For those of you interested, please contact any of our executive members, primarily our President and Vice President:
PRESIDENT - Andrew Che        (email: dbac496@uowmail.edu.au )
VICE PRESIDENT - Johnny Nguyen  (email : pn681@uowmail.edu.au)
both of which are generally located on campus (UOW SWS).
--- Membership Details ---
First time attendance to any of the scheduled gaming events is free. Free redbull is provided and so is access to all sorts of games.
After, formal membership is required to actively participate in subsequent events.
Membership categories include: FULL MEMBERSHIP and HONORARY MEMBERSHIP.
  • Is open to all UOW Main Campus and UOW SWS Campus Students.
  • An annual fee of $10
  • includes t-shirt
  • access to all events 
  • Open for all non UOW students
  • An annual fee of $15
  • includes t-shirt
  • access to all events
Come down, game, and have fun!