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Philosophy Forum EGM to Elect New Executive
| 28th Feb

Hi everyone The UOW Philosophy Forum club will be holding an EGM on Tuesday the 28th of...Read more »

2016 UOW Philosophy Training Conference

10:30am - 12:00pm
30th Nov 2016 - 2nd Dec 2016
6-18 Erith St, Bundanoon , NSW


Are you interested in philosophy?

Professional Academic Philosophers and UOW Undergraduate students come together to train in the art of philosophy over three philosophically packed days!

Apply now for the opportunity to be part of this amazing experience to strengthen your philosophical skills and network with likeminded budding philosophers.

Successful delegates to this year's UOW Philosophy Training Conference will have the experience over the course of Wednesday the 30th November - Friday the 2nd December of exposure to successful academic & internationally renowned philosophers like confirmed Key Note Speaker Dr Ian Ravenscroft and our own Dr Dan Hutto, as well as fellow undergraduate philosophers of all levels and backgrounds.
The conference ticket price at $85 per student includes all meals and accommodation in the wonderful Bundanoon Hotel. 

On the official conference agenda are panel discussions, key note addresses, philosophical activities like the Philosophy Walk, undergraduate led discussions on famous philosophical dilemmas and Challenge Your Mind workshops, all tailored for the undergraduate experience. This is a budding philosopher's dream, and a steal for 3 conference days of food, philosophy and networking!

For the first time ever, we are able to offer scholarships to the conference to cover all your costs! If you're interested in having all your conference expenses paid for, please email philosophyforumteam@gmail.com for more information and details on how to apply for a scholarship place.

Applications close on the 26th of October, so don’t miss your shot as places are limited!





























To apply, please submit a written application to philosophyforumteam@gmail.com consisting of your full name, student number and an approximately 400 word maximum statement outlining what you currently study, why you wish to attend, and what you hope to get out of the conference.
Preference will be given to undergraduate students who have undertaken a philosophy class previously or currently. Students will be assessed on several key criteria including: their level of study (we aim to have an equal amount of students from levels 100-300); their scholarly merits; their enthusiasm for being part of the event; and gender/minority equality.

Applicants will find out the result of their application no later than the 2nd of November, and successful applicants must pay the conference ticket price no later than the 12th of November in order to reserve their spot. Successful applicants who cannot pay by this date will have thier spot given to an applicant next in line on the reserve list. 



es are limited!

For the first time ever, we are able to offer some full scholarships to the conference for high achieving students! 
If you're interested in having all your conference expenses paid for including food and accommodation, please email philosophyforumteam@gmail.com for more information & details on how to apply for a scholarship place.