The University of Wollongong French Society supports students studying French and aims to connect international and exchange students to domestic students through weekly conversation hours at UOW. As well as the conversation hours, WUFS hosts a number of social events throughout the year to ensure all students can enjoy the cultural and social side of French studies. Our conversation hours benefit all levels of French speakers, from beginners to fluent speakers of the language.

Our conversation hour timetable is organised at the beginning of  each semester and depends on the availability of our members. You can stay updated with our conversation hour timetable and participate in our online community via our Facebook page. You can also check out our Instagram account to stay updated on our whereabouts!

Please contact any of our current executive members if you have any questions or would like to get involved.
President: Nick Rogers
Vice President: Amandine Ahrens
Secretary: Colleen Hetherington 
Treasurer: River McCrossen

Conversation Hour Co-ordinator - Glee Shaw

À bientôt!