Blog: Hello from Hong Kong!


Although I’m a UOW student (and a member of ECU), I’m currently on exchange, studying for one semester at EdUHK in Hong Kong. Going on exchange has given me many new experiences, such as seeing the Great Wall of China, learning more about the culture of Hong Kong, making friends with new people from around the world, and learning about education from a different perspective. But the best experiences by far have been drawing closer to God and having the amazing opportunity to tell people about Jesus.

I’m in awe of the way God is working through even the simple conversations I’ve had with people here: while cleaning our teeth in the communal bathroom, on the subway, while grabbing a coffee before class … through these seemingly random conversations, I've been able to explain to many who Jesus is, what it means to follow him and the importance of reading the Bible! One student is even keen to start reading the Bible with me to find out more for herself! It's simply amazing and very humbling to know this is God at work. While most of these conversations weren't planned by me, they were all planned by Him.

One thing which often sparks conversation with people is the fact that I go to church. I’ve been going to an international evangelical church called Shatin Anglican. It’s so encouraging meeting, singing and learning with others who love Jesus! Another exchange student and I have started going here every week, which means we’ve turned down cool opportunities such as bushwalking and other things we’ve been invited to. This often sparks the question of ‘why?’ And it’s been my joy to explain why Jesus is better and why I try to put him above everything else.

I’m coming to really appreciate the work FOCUS does at UOW with international students. While there is a Christian Fellowship here on campus, it only holds meetings in Cantonese - and I feel my skills of counting to ten and basic phrases in Cantonese will not help me here! Thankfully I’ve been able to meet with a small group of other Christian international students to study the Bible and pray together. There is something truly fantastic about meeting with brothers and sisters in Christ from different parts of the world, to encourage each other and learn more about Him together.

This whole trip has been an incredible experience so far, but the thing is, you don’t have to go overseas to find people who don’t know about the good news of Jesus! There are people all over Wollongong and Australia as well as Hong Kong and Asia who need to know about Him. While I would definitely recommend studying abroad, it’s not as if we have to go overseas in order to glorify God. I’m loving it over here and am excited to see what new adventures I’ll have in the next couple of months. I look forward to seeing you all next year and continue serving Christ with you in Wollongong.


Emily is a second year Primary Ed student who likes traveling, drinking tea and hanging out with people.


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