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Blog: Life in a falling tower


It was once explained to me that this world is a falling tower, doomed for destruction, with only a matter of time before it crashes down. This scared me. Everyone in this world doomed for destruction? This world seems so secure and so safe!

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Blog: Entrusted with the gospel


Prior to going to Mid Year Conference (MYC), many people had told me about the camp and many reasons why I should go. And while I still didn’t know that much about it, I did know three things: One, that I would learn many mind-blowing things from the Bible; two,...

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Blog: Life after Uni - with ECU students


One day the time will come when you’ll leave uni – no more lectures, no more exams, and no more lunchtime bible talks. So what’s it like out there in the ‘real world’? What are some of the things we might need to prepare ourselves for? And what can we...

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Blog: Thoughts from FOCUS


UOW has students from all over the world. Many of them know little or nothing about Jesus. ECU’s sister ministry FOCUS (Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students) seeks to love these international students by providing food, community and most importantly, sharing the good news of Jesus, the saviour of all nations.

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