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Blog: Find Your Why


By Samuel Mills

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The heart of the matter


When I was younger I was shy. I rarely spoke in groups and avoided meeting new people. You could say this was just my personality, or that I wasn’t gifted in the proficiency of making conversation. You might even say I had low social self-confidence.

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Blog: Hello from Hong Kong!


Although I’m a UOW student (and a member of ECU), I’m currently on exchange, studying for one semester at EdUHK in Hong Kong. Going on exchange has given me many new experiences, such as seeing the Great Wall of China, learning more about the culture of Hong Kong, making friends...

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Real Truth


‘What is truth?’ ‘Is truth truthful?’ ‘Is my truth the same as your truth?’ ‘Do we actually exist, or is this all a dream?’ ‘Are we in the Matrix?’ ‘Was Harrison Ford a Replicant?’

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