Toastmasters UOW's Great Result at Area 3 [Wollongong] Contest



Toastmasters UOW's very own Thea Stoneman CC CL represented Toastmasters UOW at the 2016 International Speech and Evaluation Contest for Area 3 [Wollongong] after her recent success at the Toastmasters UOW Club Contest.

Thea presented a fantastic evaluation of Alastair's Target Speech for the night, which was well recieved by the audience but was edged out by Peter from Keira Toastmasters for the top spot.

Thea went on to present her speech to motivate us in 'Joining the Try Anything once Club' which was again delivered with the style and professionalism we've come to expect from her speeches at Club Level. Regrettably, Thea was edged out once more by David from Keira Toastmasters.


Overall, it was a great demonstration of the skills learned from Toastmasters UOW and a great opportunity to demonstrate the high-calibre standards held at Toastmasters UOW amongst what is commonly referred to in Toastmasters circles as a fiercely talented Area of Public Speakers.


Following on from the Area Contest, we have the Upcoming Southern Division Contest at Kembla Grange on April 3rd, 2016 which may see Thea competing once more in the International Speech Contest representing Area 3.

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