• ROC flag with Taiwan

    ROC flag with Taiwan

  • The valentine's day with TWSA

    The valentine's day with TWSA

  • BBQ at McKinnon Lawn

    BBQ at McKinnon Lawn

  • Easter BBQ

    Easter BBQ

  • I Love TW with UOW

    I Love TW with UOW

  • Mid-Session TWSA's Night

    Mid-Session TWSA's Night

  • TWSA End of Exam Party Time

    TWSA End of Exam Party Time

  • 2014 Spring O-Day

    2014 Spring O-Day

  • 2014 Spring Welcome Dinner

    2014 Spring Welcome Dinner

Welcome to TSA

TSA has run for 20 years by Taiwanese students in the University. The association would like all students, not only Taiwanese, to get involved but also anyone who is interested in Taiwanese culture and activities. TSA holds lots of activities, such as parties, BBQs, workshops and symposiums. TSA will email all members about this information. If you are interested in TSA, don't be hesitate to approach to any of our TWSA members.

Aims and Objectives:
-To promote the Taiwanese culture to the local communities 
-To provide opportunities to make Taiwanese students to contact each other
-To let other countries understand and get involved in Taiwan's culture and behaviour
-To provide a social platform for TWSA members and friends as well as exchange valuable information for the betterment of our lives in W'gong

Also, don't be shy to click 'SIGN UP NOW'(left handside), join our mailing list on our website to receive updated event info!

Contact Email: taiwanuow@gmail.com

Find us on Facebook!
Our Facebook serves as a forum for discussion, sharing information, connecting with friends/alumni, or even as simple as finding people to hangout for a coffee or go to a concert with. Basically anything YOU make it to be! And it is precisely your participation that will keep this place lively! :D