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Art as Experience 
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Alternative Consumption


About PSST

The UOW Post-Situationist Society (PSST) is an art collective that experiments with, tests, and recasts the theories and practices of the Situationist International (SI) in a contemporary context.

The SI were an avant-garde collective that operated from 1957 – 1972, investigating the integration of art practice into life as a way to overcome the effects of commodification.

The members of PSST are interested in enhancing life through the process of art experimentation in the manner of the SI.

PSST's Aims

We are focused on alternative consumption and reclaiming experience through collaborative and socially engaged creative production.

We aim to:

  • enhance UOW and life experience through art
  • investigate the theories and practices of the SI
  • promote experimental art practice
  • focus on process rather than product
  • engage in public art
  • and address issues affecting life through art