• Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream

    Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream

  • Camping

    Our Annual Camping Trip.

  • Sport

    Sports Nights at URAC

  • Board Games

    Board Games Nights.

  • Seminars Showcasing UOW Physics Research

    Seminars Showcasing UOW Physics Research

  • Free BBQs

    Free BBQs

The UOW Physics Society is open to all who are interested in physics, regardless of whether they are studying a full degree, a minor, a few subjects for interest or have never studied Physics but always wanted to know more. We aim to grow social ties within the like-minded group of people and promote physics within the UOW Community.

We run a number of weekly events aimed at helping everyone get to know one another and generally have fun.
Some of these events include sport at URAC, Boardgame Nights and Trivia, feel free to come along and have a good time.

We are also able to organise tutors and/or help sessions for students who are struggling with maths or physics.

If you wish to contact us, feel free to send emails to Taylah (secretary): uowphysics@gmail.com

Or, you can find us on the top floor of the SMART building, Building 6.