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    Froyo Hangout

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  • Monthly Froyo Hangout

    Monthly Froyo Hangout

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  • Monthly Froyo Hangout

    Monthly Froyo Hangout

  • Trampolining +Pizza

    Trampolining +Pizza

  • Froyo Hangout

    Froyo Hangout

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    Beers and Bants

  • Trampolining/Dodgeball +Pizza

    Trampolining/Dodgeball +Pizza

  • Trampolining


This society is created with the hope of bringing together metalheads throughout the uni - to share rad tunes and have sick hangs. We hope to spread word of upcoming gigs and new bands - to enjoy music together as well as the people it brings into our lives. Get involved and have a good time with us :) \m/

*Every Friday at 6:30pm we meet up at the UniBar*

*We have Froyo Hangouts on the 6th of every month at 6pm* 

Check out the facebook page for more details and updates

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1085713104883642/