Intro To The SCA (What We Do!)

Who are or what is the SCA?

Broadly speaking, the SCA is an international not-for-profit organisation devoted to recreating the past "as it might have been." Members of the society (refered to as Scadians) choose a persona they wish to portray from a time and place in the pre-17th century world, for example a 1st C AD Decanus from a legion in the time of Caesar, a man at arms from France in the 100 years war of the 14th-15th century, or even a samurai from 14th-17th century feudal Japan. The possibilites are wild and wonderful.

So what does the SCA actually do?

To answer that question, a better question should really be used, what part of medieval life doesnt the SCA do? In the SCA there are thousands of people devoted to the martial aspects of the Society, namely the Heavy Combat, Rapier Combat, and Archery (both Combat Archery, and Target Archery) for which there are numerous awards that a person may earn if they distinguish themselves on the war field. However, there are many many more aspects of medieval life that all sorts of people focus on, such as medieval metalworking, leatherworking, equeatrian activities (and even mounted combat!), pre 17th century martial arts, pottery, woodworking, farming, beekeeping, production of cloth, astrology, science, if it occurred in the medieval period, theres someone who practices it in the Society.

How do I join the SCA?

You've already started that process by showing interest in the SCA!

Step 1: The first thing to do is check out the SCA newcomerers portal here: (SCA newcomers portal), and then come along to our stitch night at UoW (announced on our facebook page), or one of our combat training sessions. There is usually loaner armour and weapons to use at these training sessions, so you can gave a go at fighting and see if it is for you, and there are plenty of people to talk and ask questions to at both stitch and the training sessions. Fighting is not at all manditory, and makes up only a part of the SCA and what we do.

Step 2: Attend an event! Proper events in the SCA are held semi-regularly, as they require lots of organising and coordination on behalf of the group hosting. At these events, you are expected to dress in a REASONABLE attempt at pre 17th century attire (doesnt have to be perfect and people are oftern very willing to lend clothing to you if you ask), and there is much feasting and merrymaking to be had, and usually an armed tournament!

Step 3: Create a persona! A great way to de-stress yourself and escape from modern society is to create your SCA alter-ego whom you attend events as. Choose a name and a time period to pursue, or just pick a name you like and do all the time periods you desire! In the UOW branch alone, we have Romans, Greeks, Vikings, Olde English, and more. There is a huge list of cultures and time periods to choose from, literally all of known history up until the 17th century!

Step 4 (OPTIONAL): Obtain a paid membership to the SCA! If you become a serious member of the SCA and attend more than 6 events per year (easily done) then the membership fee pays for itself, as events usually cost an extra five dollars as a non member to cover insurance in the event of you being hurt, or a similar situation requiring settlement. If you end up looking at becoming an officer in the SCA, paid membership is manditory for obtaining the position.