Med Revue 2016: The Gyno Fling, A D.I.C.ney drama

Date:18th Aug 2016

Time:7:00pm - 10:00pm

Price: Med Revue 2016: Thursday Night Student - $15.00 Med Revue 2016: Thursday Night General Admission - $20.00 Med Revue 2016: Friday Night Student - $20.00 Med Revue 2016: Friday Night General Admission - $25.00 Med Revue 2016: Saturday Night Student - $20.00 Med Revue 2016: Saturday Night General Admission - $25.00

Location:The Phoenix Theatre, Bridge St, Coniston, New South Wales

After three sensational Sci-Fi SELL-OUT shows in 2015, Med Revue is back on board - with a Disney twist. Hold on to your magic carpet and get ready for THREE performances, where the comedy will go to infinity and beyond!! 

This year, the lost boys and girls of the UOW GSM have gotten in touch with their inner child to present to you: "THE GYNO FLING: A D.I.C.ney drama". 

Join Allan, our lovesick medical student, on a treacherous journey through the wondrous caves of the Arrhythmic Sea and the hills of never-ending-study-land to find his beautiful OBGYN princess, Professor Cindy Cervix. With very minimal help of his loyal friends, Timon and Pumbaa, Allan must overcome the many obstacles of Phase Two as well as the evils of the sabotaging villain Dr. ECG. Having little to guide him other than a pair of glass forceps, an old cyanosed Genie and his secondhand copy of Kumar and Clarke, will Allan ever find his princess?! Only time… and a ticket to the show will tell!! 

There will be medico-puns a-plenty, everyone's favourite Disney tunes, and dance moves to rival that of High School Musical! Pinocchi-nose it will sell out, so Jiminy Cricket get your ticket!

Shows will be at the Phoenix Theatre in Coniston on Thursday 18th, Friday 19th AND Saturday 20th of August. Doors open at 6:30pm for a 7:30pm start AND it's BYO alcohol (cans only please)!!


Last year sold out in record time so quit lion around, grab your ugly sisters and get in quick!!

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