Line Following Competition

Unfortunately the competition has reached the maximum number of places, so we can no longer accept sign-ups.

See the resources page to download resources for competitors.

The Mechatronics (Tron) society is looking to get first and second year students involved in a practical project while providing an opportunity to meet new people in different disciplines and provide an engaging event. This autonomous robotic line following competition will give an introduction to electronics, sensors and programming which will assist students in subjects yet to come or demonstrate the practical application of subjects completed. The practical skills developed will allow students to further explore the world of electronics on their own as well as providing a pathway into further co-curricular robotic activities.

Teams will be provided with a pre-built robot with all the necessary hardware set up and configured. An example of a prototype robot is shown in the picture below.

The task requires a robot to follow a circuit with various radius corners and will be timed to show effectiveness of the code produced. The code requires teams to use sensor data and basic motor control functions to drive the robot along the line without getting lost. The sensors used are infra-red (IR) sensors which can be used to determine the shade of a surface by determining the amount of light reflected giving distinct values for white and black. With an array of these sensors, a tuned navigation correction program and a motor drive control system a line can be followed.

Teams of two or more will compete in three rounds to determine the performance of their line following robot. The first round is a qualifying run with a simple track consisting of sweeping corners to determine the eligibility of each robot. The track for round two will contain a wider variety of curve radiuses possibly including right angle turns. Teams will be awarded points based on the time taken for completion of the circuit. Round three will be a challenge round involving gaps, right hand turns and lines crossing with points being awarded based on course competition and completion time.

Tutorial events have been organized for Thursday lunch times (12.30-1.30) in week 4 -> 6 with the competition to be held in week 8. Further assistance and tutorials can be made available upon request.




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Draft Competition Rules

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