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    Executive team for 2018

The University of Wollongong Mathematics Society aims to provide a support network for those studying any mathematics and/or statistics based degrees (or subjects, or anyone who simply has an interest in maths/stats!) at UoW. The UoW Mathematics Society acts as a connection for all UoW members to the large and diverse Mathematics community.

Our objectives are to host talks and presentations on interesting mathematical topics, as well as encourage peer support through study sessions. Throughout the year we host many social events, giving members the opportunity to meet other students and lecturers, creating a great environment to get involved in both the social and academic aspects of mathematics at UoW. We aim to create a fun and enjoyable learning environment, and encourage help and support among students and academics alike. 

Additionally, we offer a tutoring service for students.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Email us now!