Tech Talk 3 - Advanced Ceramics and Alloys + Materials for Soft Robotics

Date:9th Sep 2019

Time:11:30am - 12:30pm

Price: Free

Location:University of Wollongong Room 1.G03, Wollongong, NSW

Materials students often have difficulty finding out what topics and supervisors are available for their Honours thesis, summer research opportunities, post graduate research and so on, so these tech talks are specifically focussed on showing students interesting topics they don't normally hear about or realise they could work on.

This time we have David Wexler talking about his range of research areas, including non-oxide eutectic ceramics, high entropy alloys, max phase ceramics and shape memory alloys, and Charbel Tawk who recently submitted his PhD thesis in 3D printed soft robotics.

Pizza lunch will be provided.

Location Map