This club was created in 2015  for students to come together and be involved in land restoration projects (such as removing weeds and planting trees), sustainability education, rubbish cleanups and other activities that allow us to connect to the environment!
There are HEAPS of potential and ongoing projects to get involved with in the Wollongong region. It’ll be a great way to volunteer in the community, make new friends and learn more about the environment we live in. 
We are also in contact  and participate in activities organised by numerous beach care groups and Illawarra intrepid Landcare.

Why should you come?

  • No prior experience is needed and anyone from any degree can join in!
  • All tools and equipment is provided!
  • Make new friends with similar interests
  • Great networking opportunities
  • Learn more about environmental impacts and management
  • Get outdoors and explore amazing places
  • Help the local community and the environment

The 2016-17 Executive Committee:
Inter-club Liason: Chris Virtue
President: Macleay Stephenson
Secretary: Michael Taylor
Treasurer: Mackenzie Cheadle
Social media coordinator: Robery Korber