ISA OBRAS - Casual Conversation


Last year, ISA University of Wollongong started a new discussion program for the members. This program is designed as a platform for members to sharing their experiences and knowledge to each other in a very casual meeting. We named this as casual conversation or Obrolan Santai (Obras) in Indonesia language. So far we have conducted three meetings of Obras.

The very first meeting was held on October 5th, 2016 with the topic of Tax Amnesty. At that moment, the tax amnesty law was just being approved and launched by Indonesian Parliament. Many Indonesian people from every job and background need to know and study this new regulation. So we tried to provide our member with the brief discussion to know more about this thing. The topic is well-presented by the experts in taxation, our own Indonesian students with unquestionable competence, Denny SP and Achmad Hambali. The main point of this presentation is to give a brief introduction and understanding about the initial goal of the tax amnesty itself as well as how Diasporas like us preparing our own tax report when we are away from home. There were also open discussions for the participant to deliver questions and opinions related to the topic.

The second Obras had a really interesting topic. Taking place at the university duck pond lawn, the discussion was led by Raden Wirawan Kartono, our ISA member. He was sharing his knowledge and experience about the long story of the territorial dispute in the South China Sea and what is the relation with Indonesia. This discussion was followed by talking about the phenomenon of how the armed forces try to secure private fishing vessels in the area of the sea. This is such a new thing for all other members, and we have had a very useful and informative discussion.

ISA kicked the new session of Spring 2017 with our third Obras. We have Giri Lumakto, an Indonesian student currently studying TESOL and who is also a horror-story writer. He was just published his very first book, with the title “Jirih” (though you can check out his marvelous writings on his online platform here: Jirih, literally translated as "scary", is a horror-genre Indonesia book story. This book tells about dark and horror scene about Indonesian ghost and supernatural activities that will make you re-thinking about "them" beside you. It is basically a creepy-pasta of Indonesian horror story.

The other Obras will be coming soon. So, stay tune with the information from our Facebook page.

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