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Classes are held at the UOW University Recreation and Aquatic Centre (URAC) SPORTS HUB (Building 9).


Head Instructor

Sir Iolo is the Head Instructor at UOW Hapkido.


Sir Iolo has been training in the martial arts for close to a decade.  He is a 1st Dan Black Belt in the art of Hapkido, continues his formal training in BJJ, and has also studied in the martial arts of Judo and Aikido.  Sir Iolo teaches both kids and adults classes, and believes that individuals should have the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge at every stage of their lives.  With a background in applied psychology, Sir Iolo is uniquely qualified to help you set, and achieve your goals - whether they be fitness, strength, flexibility, or developing practical self-defence skills. 

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Or phone him on:  0427 513 628