Thursday Night RPG

Date:17th Jan 2019 - 18th Jan 2019

Time:6:30pm - 12:00am

Price: Free



{Shadows stir, whispers of new troubles are heard on the western verge of the Gnarley Forest! Since the dark days after the Battle of Emridy Meadow and the fall of the Temple Of Elemental Evil, life has been peaceful enough for a change in the Viscounty of Verbobonc. But traders and honest rural folk of the Kron Hills have reported in recent months that wicked folk, bandits that prey on the innocent, have returned to lurk in the eery fringes of the wood, in the desolate marshlands, and supposedly in campsites deep in the hills. There's talk on the streets of Verbobonc that caravan masters in the Business Quarter seek bold, resourceful folk as extra protection for the journey south, that they offer pursefuls of gold for brave souls willing to brave the journey. Down at heel adventurers and fortune-seekers all, you've each packed your meagre possessions & trusty weapons and made your way to the bustling market. What perils and fortunes await off in the wild-lands to the south? Only the gods know for certain...
Players wanted for a newly forming game of oldschool D&D, set in Gary Gygax's World of Greyhawk. I'm an experienced DM looking for interested players keen for some classic D&D fun in the way it used to be done. My games are fun, fast-paced and relatively open-ended, though lethal if the characters have a penchant for reckless choices. I'll be running B/X Advanced, a retroclone set of oldschool rules that most closely resemble 1st edition, though a streamlined & more approachable version. The game is set to
start soon on Thursday evenings at 6pm, with a character gen session perhaps next week or the one after depending on response.
 If you're interested (experienced & novice players- all are welcome), contact Dave st for further info.}

The venue for this event will be in Building 1 G.03 starting from 6p.m. and this event will run on a weekly basis. I will update this when either spots are open or are full.