Assassins Rules

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Assassins General Rules

How to play the game:

In this game you take on the role of an assassin, pretending to kill the other players. The specifics of when you can kill the other players and how the winner is decided are defined by the variant being played. You are NOT allowed to kill any person who is not playing the game. Don't be an idiot. This is a game of lone wolves and solo killers. Players are not allowed to form alliances against other players. Nor are players allowed to enlist the aid of people not playing in the game. Using strangers as unwitting patsies is quite acceptable (“Excuse me, could you please take this parcel to my friend sitting over there?”), but getting your friends to invite the target over so you can lie in wait is not.

Time limits:

Information about the players will be made available as soon as I have it, and the hunt will commence on 0001 Sunday the 24th of March, 2013. All killing must be completed on or before 2359 Saturday the 1st of May, 2013. At that time, the game will have ended and a winner will be declared.


There will be a prize of $25 for the winner. There will also be a prize of $25 for the most creative killing, as judged by the moderator of the game. If, in the judge's opinion, no killing was deserving of the title 'most creative', then no such prize will be awarded.

How to kill people politely:

All kills are symbolic and make-believe. No one should attempt in any way to inflict actual bodily harm on anyone. BREAK THIS RULE AND YOU ARE OUT. All players must obey the law while playing this game. Do not carry or use real weapons or realistic replicas of weapons. Toy guns should not be able to fire anything that has any risk of injuring someone: no pellet guns, no potato guns, no toy rocket-firing guns, etc. All players must show proper respect to the health and property of their fellow players. Drenching a person with water on a cold, windy day; or standing in the doorway of their house shooting water all over the carpet are just two examples of not showing the proper respect. Do not attempt to break into a person's house!

Tactics that disrupt, interfere with, or in any way endanger another player's day-to-day life are not acceptable. Players are therefore granted immunity to attacks when at work, or attending lectures, tutorials, lab classes or similar. Players are also immune when engaged in Guild activities other than Assassins (e.g. board games). To prevent assassins from disrupting other Guild activities, the game master of an activity is entitled to extend the 'zone of immunity' associated with their game (both in time and area) if (s)he feels that assassins is disrupting the game. All players may specify other resonable situations in which they cannot be attacked. Immunities are to indicate situations when a player is not playing assassins. If you wish to specify immunities such that you are immune most of the time, it's not fair to the other players, and what is the point of you joining assassins in the first place?

Also, in the spirit of fair play, don't kill one player over and over again. It's more fun tracking down new targets, of course, eventually you will have killed everyone and have to start killing them again. Above all, act within the confines of the law and act with respect to your fellow players. This goes double for innocent bystanders.

The tools of Death:

The key to Assassins is creativity. While knives and guns are the traditional tools of the killer, you are allowed to expand your repertoire of killing techniques, limited only by your imagination. There must be some effort made to simulate the weapon or method you use to kill someone. Pointing a finger at someone, saying “Bang! You're dead!” is not good enough. Pointing a banana and saying “Eat peel, you lousy peel eater!” is much more acceptable. Your methods of killing might include: poking someone with a nine-volt battery to represent an overcharged cattle prod; writing “Poison” on a piece of paper and slipping it into the target's sandwich or drink; or writing “Bomb” on a piece of fruit and throwing it to your target. (Writing “Bomb” on a cardboard box and leaving it near your target is a Good Way to cause a security scare and hence a Good Way to get banned from the game.) Again, you are forbidden from doing anything that risks harming a person or damaging their property. All successful attacks are lethal. An attack must target only a player of Assassins and can only kill one target, even if they are sitting right next to each other.

Weapons fall into one of the following categories, it is generally obvious which category a weapon falls in. If you are unsure the game moderator has the final say. If your weapon doesn't fit in any of these categories then it is not a legal weapon.

  1. Melee Weapons:

    For an attack with a melee weapon to be successful it must impact the targets torso, legs or arms solidly, i.e. hard enough that they feel it. Attacks should not be aimed at other areas of the target (feet, hands, groin, neck, head) and any that hit those areas don't count. If the game moderator believes you deliberately aimed for other areas you will be penalised.

  2. Traps & Poison:

    For a trap or poison to be successful the target must interact with the trapped object (sit in the chair, open the letter, etc) or consume some of the poisoned food/drink before becoming aware that it is trapped/poisoned. If you suspect that something is trapped or poisoned, well, that's what patsies are for.

  3. Firearms:

    This category covers all weapons that kill at range but don't use projectiles. For a close range attack with firearms to be successful you must be within 5m of the target and the target must be aware you are shooting at them. If you are outside 5m then it is a sniper attack.

    For sniper attacks with firearms you must present evidence of your attack to the target within 24 hours and the evidence must be accepted by the target. Simply showing them a toy gun and claiming you shot them from across the duckpond lawn is not good enough. A photo with a time-stamp is generally the minimum required evidence, though for short range sniper attacks it may not be needed. Your target does not die until you present the evidence to them and they accept it, so if you are killed before you can present the evidence, your attack fails.

  4. Thrown Weapons:

    This category also includes firearms that launch projectiles, though the use of such weapons is discouraged. For an attack with a thrown weapon to be successful the projectile must hit the target in the body (not the head) solidly, i.e. hard enough that they feel it. Projectiles that hit the target in the head do not count. If the game moderator believes you deliberately aimed for the head you will be penalised.

    Projectiles indicated as explosive or similar small area-of-effect weapons must first impact (no bouncing around corners) within 0.5m of the target to be a successful attack. It helps if the target is aware of the attack so there is no dispute over where the projectile first impacts.

Rubbing it in:

Once a target has been killed, both the target and the assassin MUST contact the moderator. Both must give the time and place of the kill, the weapon used, and whether there were any witnesses. Highly descriptive or entertaining reports of the kill are appreciated, and may be rewarded by the game moderator.

Penalties and fair play:

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in the removal of the offending player from the game. Should a player breach the rules in such a way that injury or property damage results, the offender must cover any and all costs arising from their actions. Players are expected to act responsibly and with good grace. If you are killed, do not start a “Shot you — No you didn't — Did too” argument. Such behaviour will be penalised by the moderator. You may even be removed from the game. Have fun, and remember: there's always next time.

Further questions:

If you have any questions or comments regarding the game or its rules, please contact the moderator. But first, please read the list of rules queries that have already been answered, in case your question is there.

Contact Details:

The moderator is Graham Billiau.


Assassins Killspree Variant

Killspree is a free for all bloodbath similar to the multiplayer in assassins creed (which they totally copied off us). The focus is on ensuring everyone is involved in the game at all times.

All players are given the details on all other players at the beginning of the game. All players are eligible targets for all other players. Each ‘kill’ scores the killer one point. Each time a player is killed, they lose one point. If you kill a player while they are unaware of you it counts as a backstab and is worth two points, the victim still only loses one point. As such you can't backstab with firearms (as the target must be aware of you for you to kill them) and grenades are iffy (as it is difficult to tell if it was close enough). The winner is the one who has scored the most points at the end of the game. If there is a tie the winner is the player (out of the tied players) that scored the most kills.

Once you have been killed, you are out of the game until 3am seven days after you died, i.e. if you get killed on Wednesday morning, you re-enter the game at 3am next Thursday morning. For one week, you may go about your life without the constant paranoia that comes from wondering if someone is going to jump out of a bush to slap you with a fish coated in contact poison. At the end of that week, you rejoin the game and may kill — and be killed — all over again. (If someone tries to kill you when you're already dead, nothing happens. You don't stay dead for longer, and your would-be assassin suffers no penalty.)

Assassins Classic Variant

Classic, the way assassins was originally played. It is a variant where you can never let your guard down, as one wrong move can put you out of the game.

At the beginning of the game each player is given the details on one of the other players, such that the contracts form a circle. When you die you are out of the game. Just like in real life, you can't recover from death. You can only kill the person you have the contract for. When you kill someone you take over their contract, thus the circle gets smaller. The game continues until one person is left standing, who is the winner.

Assassins Bounty Variant

Sometimes assassins are not happy simply being the best in their guild, they want to get rich. Fortunately for them there are plenty of people willing to pay for problems to go away. Bounty is an attempt to combine the best of the classic and killspree variants while avoiding their problems.

At the beginning of the game all players are given the details on all other players, and start with a bounty of $5,000 on their head. The full ten week game is divided into five two week seasons. At the beginning of each season, each player is given the contracts for three other players, and three other players have the contract for that player. At the end of each season each players contracts are replaced by three new contracts, and the price on their head increases by $2,000.

When a player fulfils one of his contracts (by killing the player) he receives the current bounty on that players head, then the bounty for that player drops by $1,000. A player can not kill a player he does not have the contract for, also if the bounty on a player is currently $0 they can not be killed. After a player is killed they are out of the game for one hour, this prevents immediate revenge and limits co-operation.

At the end of the game each player receives the current price on his head as a reward for not dying. The player with the most money wins.